Maddie Gets it Wrong

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When the storm broke, Blueberry was having a power nap. Maddy said he was using it as an excuse for being lazy, which was very hypocritical as far as Blueberry was concerned, considering she would sleep the day away if she chose. When confronted with this Maddy replied it was a cat’s prerogative, part of their makeup due to being night owls. Blueberry couldn’t understand why Maddy would call herself an owl when she was 100% feline.

The thing with Blueberry was that as a dragon his first language was Dragonish, so the fact that he could speak such excellent English was very impressive. It did mean however that he took things somewhat literally at times.

For example. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. Blueberry thought this sounded very painful if you were a human!

So, I digress. Bluberry was having a wonderful dream about a banana boat. Consisting of a banana, of course, loads of squirty cream, with chocolate chips and nuts on top, swimming in syrup and a big blob of banana ice cream on the side. And to add to all that it was actually the size of a real boat! As you may have guessed by now, Blueberry loved bananas, oh and chillies as it helped make his fire stronger, not that he ever used it he was much too nice for that.

When the thunder started to rumble, he was rudely awoken from his dream and leaping up knocked Maddy onto the floor. They had both been sleeping on the sofa as Maddy had crept over to join him, even after what she’d said.


Maddy jumped back onto the sofa. “Thanks for knocking me flying. Blubes.”

“You don’t fly you’re a cat, only dragons can fly, oh and birds of course.”

Maddy swished her tail irritably. “I’m not even going attempt to explain that one.”

The rumbling happened again and Blueberry flew off the sofa. He was getting much better at flying these days, only the landing still needed some practice. He managed a wobbly decent, and the rumbling began again, even louder this time. When the room lit up he whooped, and squeezed out of the dragon sized cat flap, their best friend Kate had it made especially, although it was a bit small these days as he’d put on a growth spurt.

‘Where are you going it’s raining cats and dogs, why do I use that phrase I hate it. It is raining heavily,’ Maddy corrected. She stuck her head out of the cat flap to see Blueberry running around and yelling at the sky. She couldn’t hear what he was saying, as the rain was so heavy. ‘Oh I’m going to have to go outside in this aren’t I?’ She asked nobody in particular. ‘I hate rain.’ Maddy gingerly exited the cat flap cursing loudly as it soaked her straight away.

‘Will you come back in?’ We’re having a thunderstorm and there is no need to do a rain dance, it doesn’t need ANY encouragement.’

The thunder rumbled directly overhead, then there was a loud clap as fork lighting shot out of the sky.

Even Maddy was impressed at the sight, then she shook herself and yelled, ‘come down this instant what has gotten into you. I sound like your mother, this is ridiculous!’

Blueberry got even more excited and leapt straight upwards spreading his glorious wings as he flew into the air.

Blueberry hovered above her, there’s a dragon come to visit me isn’t it wonderful? I can hear her and she’s even breathing fire lightning to tell me she’s arrived.’

Maddy was starting to feel very irritated now, she was soaking wet, her fur plastered to her body and rain dripping off her nose. ‘It’s a thunderstorm, Blueberry she yelled.’ The sound of the rain almost drowning her out. ‘Rumbling thunder and fork lightning.’

‘Oh come on whoever heard of a fork lighting up in the air?’ he flew higher answering the thunder with a roar and shooting out his own lightning bolts. His fire was in fact very impressive.

‘He must have been eating a lot of chillies today,’ thought Maddy.

Then he disappeared into a cloud.

‘Oh scales, how am I going to explain this one to Kate?’

This time the thunder was so loud it almost deafened Maddy and lighting shot down only just missing her paws. She shrieked and made a dash for the cat flap, but then abruptly turned round again.’ I can’t leave that crazy lizard.’

She stated yelling desperately into the air. ‘Come down and I’ll buy all the bananas in the corner shop. I will personally see to it that you will never be deprived of another banana in your life. Or, or chillies!’

There was no answer and Maddy began to shiver, she was cold, wet and had just lost a dragon. She wasn’t going anywhere though. ‘You’re up there somewhere and I’m going to wait until you come down. You’ll be in big trouble from Kate you know.’ Absolute silence. ‘Oh for the love of dragon, this would be a good time to actually BE an owl.’ She thought.

The Storm sounded like it was passing over, in fact the thunder and lightning had stopped abruptly. There was still no sign of Blueberry.

All of a sudden she saw him above the field that was behind the house, and there was a huge shadow hovering over him. The sun came out dazzling her as something glinted in her face. As she became accustomed to the light Maddy saw a enormous dragon, her scales shimmering in the sunlight, green, blue and red. There was something stately about her. She was mesmerising, her magnificent head and long neck bending towards Blueberry. Then they both began to fly downwards, landing in the far end of the field, the dragon covering half of it with her huge body and wings.

Blueberry saw Maddy standing there in the distance and flew over to her, landing confidently without any sign of a wobble. ‘See I was right,’ he said excitedly. ‘Come on you have to meet her.

Maddy was hesitant. ‘She won’t eat me or anything then?’ She was only half joking.

‘You are a kidder.’ Come on she can’t stay long.’

Maddy jumped the garden fence, then walked hesitantly towards the dragon, with Blueberry flying just ahead of her. It seemed to take forever as she crossed the field. When they reached her, the huge dragon was chewing on some grass then spat it out. ‘Ugh,’ she grumbled, nothing like bananas.’

‘You eat them too?’ asked Maddy incredulously.

‘All dragons eat bananas as far as I am aware.’ She answered gently, her voice cultured.

Jumping up and down Blueberry said to Maddy, ‘This is Lilith, the Queen’s second.

“And this is Maddy. “She’s ever so nice and is called a cat.’

Maddy tutted, ‘charming.’

‘I am very pleased to meet you,’ said Lilith lowering her head to examine her. ‘I have met your species before, very intelligent.’ She blew out her breath, it was very hot and smelled of bananas.

Maddy took a step backwards. ‘Sorry I could feel my whiskers singeing.’

‘Oh I do apologise,’ she laughed gently and a few blades of grass went brown as a little spark of fire hit them. ‘Hmm it’s fortunate that the grass is wet.’

‘Where’s my manners?’ Maddy said bowing her head as a sign of respect.

‘Oh dear have you lost them, can we help you search?’

‘Yes we’ll help,’ chimed in Blueberry.

‘That’s very kind but I haven’t actually lost them. ‘It’s a human phrase.

‘Yes well they can be rather odd, not particularly friendly either. They seem to do a lot of screaming when they meet us for some reason.’

Maddy laughed, completely at ease with Lilith now, her personality was so like Blueberry’. ‘Are all dragons so nice?’ she asked politely.

‘Yes of course, we are just misunderstood by some, and we can be grumpy. Especially those youngsters, if ever you see lighting very high in the sky it’s usually them having a silly fight, over who has the most shiny scales, longest tail, or suchlike. Then Lilith shook herself, the breeze knocking Maddy off her feet. She leapt up as dignified as possible.

‘Oops are you ok Maddy?’

‘I’m good thanks.’

‘You are very good and well behaved indeed,’ replied Lilith.

Maddy smiled, ‘I do my best.’

‘Unfortunately I’ll have to leave, you though. ‘My Queen will be wondering where I am. I told her I was only going out to stretch my wings, but then decided to go for a really good fly instead. We have to keep fit you see, but I went a little further than planned which is how I sensed Blueberry.’ She looked down at him affectionately. ‘Have you decided what you would like to do yet?’

‘Do?’ Maddy asked.

‘Whether he would like to stay here or come with me back to the land of the Dragon. She stood tall, proudly lifting her beautiful head.

‘Please don’t be offended but there is nothing to compare to our wonderful homeland. You’re quite welcome to join us. We have some felines in our world they are very agreeable.’

‘That’s kind of you but I think we’ll stay here. Well I will anyway.’ She head butted Blueberry affectionately.

Blueberry looked from one to the other. ‘It is your choice,’ said Lilith gently.

His big eyes shone, and a few tears glistened. ‘I’ll stay,’ he said his voice wobbling a little.

Maddy gave a sigh of relief and Lilith looked annoyed with her but it was only fleeting.

She stretched out her huge wings and they both stepped back. ‘Until next time then.’

‘Does that mean you’ll come and see us again?’ Bluberry looked up hopefully.

‘I will try very hard to, and in the meantime we can talk. You need to practice your telepathy alright?’ She lowered her head and touched the tip of his nose.

Then she looked over at Maddy. ‘See ya lata roast potata.’

Maddy grinned. ‘In a while crocodile.’

‘I’d sit down before I knock you down, totally unintended of course,’ she said, and leapt upwards, her great wings stroking the air and knocking them both onto their backsides.

‘Bye!’ called Blueberry. Then he had a little cry.

Maddy went over to him and rubbed her head against his side. ‘Come on, I’ll make you a banana milk shake.

‘Ok.’ But admit it.

‘I know, I know you were right, I was wrong. The storm was Lilith.’

‘What was that? I didn’t hear you?’ Blueberry asked, cheering up a bit.

Maddy head-butted him. ‘Don’t push it dragon.


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