Why Dragons?

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Why Dragons?

People who know me well will be able to tell you that I’m a dragon fanatic. They wouldn’t be surprised by this post, in fact I’m sure they’d have expected it to appear at some point!

My favourite necklace.

I am more than happy to admit that I am obsessed with dragons, I have dragon jewellery, dragon ornaments, dragon candle holders, a dragon wine bottle holder and even a dragon hand warmer, called Blueberry Firepuff, yes ok I’ve named him! There are some stories on this blog about that little cutie, and if you want to have a look you can find them here.




So, why dragons? I’ve made a little list to prevent me from waffling too much, you’ll thank me for it later!

They are fantasy creatures. I wish they weren’t just fantasy if I’m honest, I’d love a dragon. Not a pet, I don’t see them as pet-like, but it would be pretty amazing. Being a fantasy writer, they are perfect for my stories and feature heavily in my WIP, my first novel in fact. I love all fantasy creatures but they are top of my list. There’s something magical and exciting about them. I don’t think I’d have even considered writing fantasy if it weren’t for dragons.

They are therapeutic. Life has thrown a lot of upset and stress at me along the way. I can lose myself in it sometimes and it can be rather scary. But for me, dragons are a wonderful form of escapism, strong and majestic, living in these amazing imaginary worlds. Some of you may think that’s a bit ridiculous, but different people have different coping mechanisms and that’s one of mine. I write my book, I describe my dragons, they will do whatever I want and I love every one of them for it.

I’m a dreamer. As a child I was always day dreaming. Making up stories in my head, with wonderful happy ever afters. I must confess sometimes the dragons were baddies and came, dare I say it, to a sticky end. ‘Handsome prince, saves fair maiden from the fire breathing dragon’, you get my drift. Now the guilt overwhelms me, ok a slight exaggeration there! But I was quite shy as a child so this was my way of enjoying myself, I was often the fair maiden in a lot of my little stories, but I’d never let my handsome prince kill the dragon now of course!

They look good. Have you ever seen a boring looking dragon, even the mean ones look amazing. Those piercing eyes and huge wings, unless its a Chinese dragon that is! Luminescent scales glinting in the light, and the colourful shimmering aura that surrounds them. They are magnificent mythical beasts. Ok, ok  I know, I’m over doing it! You can get little cute ones, like Blueberry Firepuff of course, and ‘Beaufort Scales,’ now he’s a cool dude, check him out on Kim Watt’s Website. (I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you that she loves dragons too by the way).

They can fly! How wonderful it would be to take to the air and see the whole world from a different perspective, everything laid out before you in miniature. Swooping down, floating on the currents, then soaring high into the air. Can you imagine feeling the total freedom of it all. What about being weightless, now that would be nice!

You get cool friends. Its only until you start talking about dragons, expecting to get the snarky remarks, that you realise how many people feel the same way. Ok maybe not quite as over the top as me but its surprising. Unless everybody is humouring me of course. But the genuine dragon lovers’ are often people I get on with, especially the writers, as we are on the same wavelength. They are funny, lovely, totally crazy and with a great sense of humour, and that’s just the dragons…..sorry!

Why Not? Imagination is a wonderful thing, there’s a child in all of us somewhere so letting it loose now and then is a great release. For me its dragons, for you it may be something else, but allowing yourself to unwind and get away from reality for a while can only do you good. Its magical just to let go and be a dreamer, and if you’re a writer its a definite bonus.


My silver dragon.

As Roald Dahl said. ‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.’  

What do you do to wind down? Have you got your own form of escapism. If you like fantasy, what’s your favourite fantasy creature? Come on don’t be shy, I’d love to know.


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4 thoughts on “Why Dragons?

  1. Aw, that’s a lovely post, Debbie! Dragons are definitely great fun to write, and I always loved the stories of them when I was a kid (and now…)

    1. Thanks Kim. And now? I really haven’t got a clue what you mean 😉

  2. Love your post Debbie. Dragons are pretty cool! I suppose to wind down I daydream, sleep of go on holiday. Not very inspiring I know! X

    1. Oh my goodness Ann dreaming of holidays couldn’t be more inspiring. You can totally relax and let your mind wander of the great ideas to come.

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