Blueberry Firepuff – A Close Call!

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This is the 3rd chapter about Bluberry Firepuff and his crazy antics. If you want to catch up first you can read chapter 1 and 2 here.

Blueberry Firepuff – A Close Call!

“Oh noo, she hasn’t has she?” Blueberry raised his eyes heavenwards.

“Yep she dug the bloody things up, I warned you didn’t I?”

“No need to rub it in, I sizzled the cushions a bit it wasn’t on purpose. I am a pitiful excuse for a dragon, cant even control my own smoke.”

It was Maddie’s turn to roll her eyes heavenwards. “Feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to help.”

“Oh shut up cat!”

“That’s more like it,” Maddy winked.

“Ok well there’s nothing for it, you are going to have to own up, cats dig holes and bury stuff so its the obvious conclusion.”

“So I’m going to shimmy over to Kate and say ok I buried your cushions, cuff me now! Cats cant talk in this human world remember?”

“Well at least you’re real, I don’t even exist I’m a fantasy creature. Which do you think is the lesser of the two evils?”

It was at that point that Kate stomped into the house. The two of them froze. “Ok Maddy did you do it, they are pretty big things to bury but I cant think of any other explanation.”

“Meow,” Maddy rubbed up against Kate’s legs purring. ‘Looks like I’ll have to go along with this,’ she thought.

“Ok, I admit it.” Blueberry stumble-flew over to Kate, “I burnt holes in your cushions,” he trembled, and Kate passed out.

“Bloody hell what did you do that for? I had it covered she thought I’d done it. I was going to take the rap for you, you stupid blue blob!”

“How dare you, I’m not a blob! I’m sick of all this pretending and sneaking around, Kate has always wanted a real dragon and now I can make her dreams come true!” Blueberry scrambled onto Kate’s chest. “Is she ok do you think?”

“She landed on one of the few remaining cushions, she’ll be fine. Well until she comes round and sees you sitting on her chest. Go and plonk yourself on the carpet and look stuffed, with a bit of luck she might think it was a dream.”

“Nope, no, nope I’m not going anywhere.” He snuggled up under Kate’s neck, “I’m going to wait until she wakes up then come clean.”

“Not if I can help it!” Maddy jumped onto poor Kate’s chest and proceeded to drag Blueberry off.

“Ow you’re going to rip my wing off.”

“Imph phat watch it taks.”


Maddy spat Blueberry’s wing out of her mouth. “I said if that’s what it takes. Yuck your wing tastes like perfume.”

“Its Kate’s, with all her cuddling I think its permeated my scales.”

“Uuung what happened?” Kate mumbled.

With one last tug Maddy dragged Blueberry off and pushed him under the sofa. “Stay bleeding quiet or I’ll wrap those pink wings around your neck.”

Sitting up Kate looked over at Maddy. “Ok that was a dream right?”

Without thinking Maddy nodded her head, being so flustered at that point she didn’t realise what she’d done until it was too late.

Kate eyes widened with shock. “You said yes.”

“Well I didn’t actually say yes I just nodded my…..oh damn that bloody dragon!” Maddy saw a bright blue paw appear from under the sofa, shuffling backwards she sat on it, so Blueberry stuck his claws straight into her backside.

“Argh! You’ve really done it this time Blubes!”

Crawling from beneath the sofa, Blueberry clumsily flew over to Kate and sat on her shoulder, she jumped around screaming and he very nearly fell off. Clinging on for dear life he started whispering into her ear, “Look into my eyes, look deeply!”

“What the?” Said Maddy

“Shhh I’m concentrating.” Kate began to calm down and slowly turned her head, looking at Blueberry and shaking in utter bewilderment. “You are dreaming, go and lie down on those bloody cushions.”

Kate stared into Blueberry’s eyes.

“This is all a dream, when you wake up it’ll be just a pleasant memory,” he whispered.

To Maddie’s astonishment Kate slowly walked past her, lay down on the sofa and started snoring gently. Blueberry fell of her shoulder, graceful as ever, then flew down and sat himself by Maddy who was for once speechless.

”Yesss it worked!”

”What? How?” Maddy looked like a puff ball, her fur standing on end in shock. “Ok breathe”, she gasped. “How did you do that?”

”Dunno. Kate had this dragon folklore thing on TV. It was great actually, all these powerful dragons heroic and swooshing everywhere and.”


”Ok, ok, the guy narrating the programme said in Dragon folklore some dragons were said to have hypnotic powers. I’ve seen those hypno guys doing it on tv, look into my eyes and all that shizzle, so thought I’d give it a go. Wow I’m amazing, a hypno dragon!”

“So when Kate wakes up she’ll think she was dreaming?”


”Well I hope you’re right Blubes.”

“What’s with the Blubes again, I’m a hypno dragon show some respect.”

‘I hope I am right,’ he thought, ‘ or we’re in deep poop.’

Blueberry and Maddy sat for a long time waiting for Kate to wake up. They both had no idea what to expect as she slept, and slept.

“Have you put her into some kind of sleeping beauty spell? She’s been asleep for ages.”

“I just watched the programme how should I know how long this hypno thing lasts for?”

“Ok well I need to go.”

“Go where?”

“You know…go!”

“Ohhh, ok I’ll stand watch.”

Kate leapt up “arghhhh!”

“Looks like she’s awake.”

“You don’t say,” said Maddy sarcastically.

Franticly Kate turned this way and that a confused expression on her face. “You,” she pointed a shaky finger at Maddy. “You buried my cushions!”


“Then, then you spoke to me.”


Maddy meowed, rubbing up against Kate’s legs as she eyed Blueberry furiously. Kate looked down at her, “Don’t give me that normal cat thing I know what I heard.”

“Purr, purr,” ‘come on fall for it.’

Kate sat heavily down on the sofa and Maddy immediately jumped onto her lap. She rolled around, rubbed up against her chin, even gave her a motherly lick, anything to convince Kate that she was just your average cat. Reaching down Kate picked Blueberry up from the floor and stared at him. “You’ll start flying round the room breathing fire next.”

Maddy continued to purr desperately and glared at Bluberry as if to say don’t you dare. Grabbing the remote Kate made herself comfortable, “I wonder if I can catch the next chapter of that Dragon folklaw programme. She looked down at Maddy who was desperately trying to look innocent. “I’ll deal with you later,” she said turning on the television. Maddy could see the doubt beginning to surface in Kate’s eyes and crossed her claws.




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  1. So cute! I’m still waiting for the day Layla gets fed up enough with my pathetic inability to feed her on demand and starts talking…!

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