Bluberry Firepuff – The Curious Case of the Missing Cushions.

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This is the second in a series of short stories about Blueberry Firepuff, if you want to know how it all began you can read the first one here.

Blueberry Firepuff – The Curious Case of the Missing Cushions.

To Blueberry’s dismay, Kate decided to have a constructive weekend. ‘This house needs a good clear out,’ she thought, ‘the place is a tip!’

She flopped down onto the sofa, ‘just need to psych myself up first though.’ Blueberry was on the sofa next to her. ‘Fall asleep, fall asleep, you usually do on a weekend.’

Kate worked at a riding stables so her job was very physical and she liked nothing better than to spend her time having ‘power naps’ and watching reality TV when she had the chance. As her eyes began to close Blueberry sighed with relief, until Maddy jumped onto the sofa climbing into Kate’s lap and purring loudly in her ear. “Oh high cutie I’m glad you woke me up I have work to do.” Kate jumped up and Maddy slid of her lap. She gave a grumpy meow and stalked off to find somewhere else to sleep.

“Right where was I? Ok cleaning first.” Looking at one of the cushions she’d been leaning on she saw the stains of spilled dinner, (Kate had always been a messy eater), muddy paw prints, coffee. The list could go on. “Ugh first things first.” Picking up the cushion she began searching around for the others. ‘Aha, here’s one, sorry Blubes I’m going to have to move you. She pulled the cushion from under Blueberry who rolled off the sofa and onto the floor with a bump, “ow!”

“Who said that?” Kate spun round to see Maddy strutting into the room. To Blueberry’s amazement the cat decided to be nice and get Blueberry off the hook for a change. “Meow.”

“Oh its you Mads I cant cuddle you now I have  work to do.” Kate purposefully started searching for the other four cushions. Half an hour later when she had looked everywhere, even in the freezer, anything was possible with Kate, she sat down completely bewildered. “I don’t understand it at all I know I can be a bit dizzy at times but this is ridiculous! I wonder if Lauren, (her niece), has hidden them somewhere? Or did I forget and throw them out, or, or. Oh damn it I was quite fond of those cushions too. Right one more look.”

Standing up Kate had forgotten all about Blueberry on the floor, subsequently she stood right on top of the poor guy. “Argh sorry Blubes, you’re more squishy than cushions anyway, come here I’ve put a shoe print on your nose.” After wiping his nose with a tissue Kate sat down with Blueberry on her lap. Maddy looked up and seeing Blueberry in his spot jumped onto the sofa and sat on his head. “Out of my way this is my spot usurper,” she whispered. They both managed to squeeze onto Kates lap together. “This is cosy my two little fur balls snuggled up in my lap.” Looking at Blueberry, Maddy raised her eyes heavenwards, he managed to suppress a chuckle. A gentle snoring made them both look up. “She’s out for the count!”

“Excellent, but not so loud Maddy. Any idea what we’re supposed to do about this?”

“Nothing, we cant exactly say ok game’s up your hand warmer dragon is real and your cat….em wonderful cat, can talk!”

“Keep up the sarcasm and I’ll singe your whiskers!”

Later that night Blueberry awoke to the sound of banging and shuffling downstairs. He was at the bottom of Kate’s bed with Maddy sound asleep next to him. “Maddy, burglars!”

“Ummm what?”

“Burglars I can hear them downstairs, listen.”

“We do not have burglars Blubes……ha, ha I like that, burglars Blubes.”

“Shut up and listen.” Maddy did as her told for once.

“Like I said we do not have Burglars Blu.”

“Don’t even go there.”

“Ok! We don’t have burglars, look.” He nodded over to Kate’s side of the bed which was empty, the covers haphazardly thrown back. “I’ll bet she’s looking for those crappy cushions!” The banging continued until a little screech and a lot of swearing began. Kate came hobbling into the bedroom. “My bloody toe, its bloody sore, bloody table leg, and still no bloody cushions!” With that she plonked herself into bed pulling the covers over her head. “Bloody hell.”

The next morning Kate sat on the garden step her toe throbbing, a sticking plaster on the end of it where she’d bashed it against the table leg. “I’ve had enough of this, those cushions aren’t worth the effort.” Feeling sorry for herself she looked down at her red swollen toe, “I can make do with two cushions or buy new ones. I wonder if I could find some with dragons on?” That made her brighten up and it was turning out to be a lovely sunny day as well. “Think I’ll give the garden a good going over instead, its too nice to be doing the house.” Her attention was drawn to the mole hills, or what she assumed were mole hills, dotted around her lawn. “I really need to mow the grass but what can I do about them? Dig them up maybe and put one of those humane traps down the hole, if I catch the moles I can let them go into a field or something.” Kate always talked to herself and was having a great conversation that morning.

“Right!” She bounced up and strode purposefully over to her garden shed. After a lot of clunking and clanging she emerged triumphantly with a spade in her hand. Striding over to the nearest mole hill Kate started digging, as she shoved the spade into the hole a load of  downy feathers burst out of the soil. Dropping the spade she stepped back. “Maddy were are you, have you been killing birds and burying them in my garden?  That’s horrible, you bad cat.”  Maddy heard her name being called, and peered out from a raised bed she’d been doing her ablutions in.

“Oh cat pee! Our secrets out,” she  watched as Kate got onto her hands and knees carefully pulling out a lump of material that looked distinctly like one of her cushions. Flattening herself Maddy managed to slink away without being seen. Behind her she heard a startled yell. “What the?” she didn’t hang around to hear the rest.

“Blubes is not going to like this.”

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6 thoughts on “Bluberry Firepuff – The Curious Case of the Missing Cushions.

  1. Thanks for the new instalment. Wonder what they’ll all get up to next. Enjoyed that very much Debbie. X

  2. Ha, there’s going to be trouble! Intrigued to see how Blueberry and Maddy get out of this one 🙂

    1. Yes it could well be a bit of a sticky situation. They’re both working on it!

  3. Ooh, poor Maddy’s gonna get blamed for those buried cushions! Presumably Blueberry will be okay, though, so long as Maddy doesn’t give the game away to Kate?
    Can’t wait to find out what happens next! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments Rosetta. The third story, (A Close Call), is on my blog now so you’ll be able to find out sooner than you thought!

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