Fact or Fiction?

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Fact or Fiction?

As some of you will know, especially my writing group All Write, Ive been struggling a lot to keep going with my writing. Ive managed to plod along with my book, but as for blog posts they’ve been virtually non existent. When I have written anything on my blog its been short stories rather than other ‘real’ subjects.

This got me thinking, am I taking the easy route doing that? Sometimes I think coming up with a subject to blog about is harder than writing a piece of fiction. I’ve also noticed that I get less shares, comments and likes. Does that mean people don’t like my stories or are they more interested in true to life subjects? Argh so much to think about!

Then there’s the question of self promotion. If I write short stories and don’t get any exposure will I ever get noticed in this fickle world of writing? Should I be writing what I think people will be interested in, or should I write for the love and passion of it and hope eventually my stories will be good enough for people to take notice. Getting myself noticed is a thing that concerns me a lot, who will know I exist when I write the odd short story that only gets appreciated by my close writing friends. Will I ever finish my book and if I do will it be any good?

These things are going round and round in my head at the moment, they stop me in my tracks. I’ve just started a series of short stories about a cute dragon to put on my blog. Even as I write this I’m thinking about deleting the latest draft of my second story, because I’m probably wasting my time, hardly anybody will be interested in reading it.

When I first started this blog, writing fiction never even entered my head. I had all of these great ideas for true life subjects and they went down really well, lots of shares, comments, likes etc which was what I wanted as you already know. Then I was given a creative writing book as a present. I stared doing the exercises in it and my imagination went wild, I had all these stories inside of me that I never even knew existed and they started pouring out, I loved it! All of those amazing characters I could make up, their lives, their adventures. I was buzzing! Then I started writing  stories about a mystic fox for my blog which grew and grew into the book I’m working on now. Oh my gosh! Here I am writing this post, telling you about my stories, my book, and I’m getting this wonderful exited feeling in my belly again! I thought I’d lost that but maybe not after all.

Mmmm, this blog post is kind of turning on its head a bit. You may have noticed I’ve started answering my own questions. I’m not saying that I don’t want to get noticed, that it doesn’t matter to me. It still does, but not enough for me to give up doing what I love. I’m going to start chasing my dreams of becoming a published writer. Its about time I got back to my book, my passion, my wonderful heroic mystic fox. Oh and my cute dragon who will be returning to my blog.

I’m so glad I wrote this now. It started out as a negative post full of doubts and questions and has changed just by the simple act of writing it all down. I still plan on writing true to life posts as you can see by this, and I’m sure I’ve got those ideas inside me somewhere, but I’m also not going to beat myself up about it if its only the odd one here and there. I know where my heart lies and its great to get that back!

Maybe some of you have read this post and can relate to it, if so I hope its helped you in some way. I’ve always been the type of writer who needs constant encouragement, needy, to say the least, so I’d love to think this may have given some of you wonderful writers a bit of a boost. That I can return the favour for a change. Whether you write fact or fiction don’t lose your passion.

But now I have to go I’ve got a book to write!

Once upon a time there was a dragon, but not just any old dragon……







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6 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction?

  1. I think the majority of us writers are needy little creatures, so you’re absolutely not alone! And that excitement when you get back to writing stories – YES! Stick with that. It’s the bit that matters most. Big hugs to you for juggling the new job and everything else. <3

    1. Thanks Kim, from one needy creature to another! The job does take up a lot of my time I must admit but the writing buzz is still there and that’s what’s important. A job is a job, writing is my love, and a job I hope one day.

  2. Yes Debbie, stop beating yourself up! You have just started a new and exhausting job so give yourself time to settle. Things will work out. Keep writing when you can but make sure it’s a joy not a chore because you feel you have to get something down on paper. Chill girl you can do this! X

    1. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. The snow gave me a helping hand today as work closed so I had plenty of time to write.

  3. Hey there Debbie. I love this post. Very authentic. It’s funny that my case is the opposite. I dreamed of writing fiction, but all I came up with are “true to life subjects” — non fiction (ha ha).

    In fact, I admire you and other fiction writers in the All Write group. Kudos. So maybe, what you feel is common for any writer who wants to share their stories, ideas, and imagination with the world.

    Writers, I believe, want their creations leave a mark in the hearts of people. It may sound unrealistic, but knowing that even one person reads our blogs, books, or poems, and it changes his or her life in a positive way, then that’s already an accomplishment. So let’s keep writing.

    PS: You’re doing a great job leading the All Write group. I’m forever grateful. 🙂

    1. Hi Jade, I’m really glad you enjoyed my post. You should give fiction writing a try, going by what you already write I think you’d be good at it. There is a lot of wisdom in your comment and it’s very encouraging. I’m pleased you think I’m doing a good job with the group, it helps having such lovely members and You are more than welcome. I appreciate your input in our little community:)

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