Blueberry Firepuff – Too Hot to Handle!

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Blueberry Firepuff – Too Hot to Handle!

Blueberry Firepuff was a very cute dragon, loved by everyone. His owner Kate loved him, her friends loved him and his owner’s niece loved him, too much sometimes. He was cuddled, squished and kissed which he didn’t mind at all, but what he absolutely hated was being put in the microwave. Hang on though before you ring the cruelty to Dragons society, let me explain.

Blueberry, let’s drop the Firepuff bit for now, was a hand warmer. Bright blue, with shocking pink wings, he was bought for Kate as a present from her sister. Kate was no little girl however she was at the wrong end of thirty, had a passion for dragons, and didn’t care diddly squat what people thought! Blueberry adored her and was a very happy dragon apart from the microwave thing that is.

It didn’t help that Kate’s cat, Maddy, thought it was hilarious and had no sympathy whatsoever. “Come on Blueberry what do you expect? You’re not exactly ornament material are you?”

“I don’t want to be an ornament, I love all the attention and cuddles but it’s bloody hot in that microwave!”

“Hot, you’re a ferocious fire breathing dragon, how can you be hot?” Asked Maddy.

“Oh ha, ha very funny”, said Blueberry, rolling his eyes.

“You could always fly away.”

“On these pink little wings, I don’t think so somehow!” Maddy shrugged and wandered off her tail in the air.

The front door slammed and Blueberry heard Kate bustling about, it was her way, a bit dizzy, doing everything far too fast then forgetting what she’d been planning to do in the first place. He loved that about her.

But then she uttered the dreaded sentence, “brrrrr my hands are freezing, now where did I leave Blubes?” A nickname Blueberry wasn’t particularly enamoured with.

Then in she rushed, “aha that’s where I left you, my hands need a dragon cuddle, come on then.” Kate picked him up and patted him on the head. “I wish you were a real dragon,” she said as she popped him in the microwave.

“Oh bloody hell here we go.” He groaned inwardly as he started slowly going round in circles on the dish. “This always makes me feel sea sick.” When he was ‘cooked’, unhurt but sweaty, Kate took him back into the living room and wrapped her hands around him. ‘Ok I must admit I like this bit,’ he thought.

Falling asleep on the sofa Kate started snoring gently. Blueberry had cooled down by then so he dozed with her. He was having a great dream being a majestic fire breathing dragon, the smell of smoke coming from his nostrils seemed almost real. He awoke with a start, “Argh I’ve set the cushion on fire!” Looking down he saw a small brown hole in the cushion still smoking away. He looked up at Kate, “still out for the count, that’s something at least, I really need to remember to stuff those plugs up my nose before I nod off.” Carefully he slid out of her grasp and shoved the cushion off the sofa. Flying down next to it he landed on his face as usual. “Bloody useless excuse for a pair of wings!”

“Done it again I see?”

“Oh put a sock in it Maddy, help me hide this thing will you?”

“You do know that one day our sweet Kate is going to realise she cant have forgotten where all of her cushions have gone. What happens when there aren’t any left? You cant just keep burying them in the garden forever you know.”

“Oh shut up cat,” he said squeezing through the cat flap dragging the cushion in his teeth. “Give us a push will you?”

“Say purrrlease.”

“Oh for goodness sake……please.” Maddy pushed with her head and Blueberry found himself unceremoniously dumped onto the patio outside, with the cushion falling on top of him. Maddy gracefully slid out after him.

“Right, please will you do what cats do best and dig a hole?”

“I don’t need the toilet right now.”

“For a lady Maddy you really are so uncouth!”

Shuffling along with a mouth full of cushion Blueberry staggered onto the grass. Kate lived in a little cottage in the village she grew up in. It had a large sprawling back garden, with two trees at the end. It was quite overgrown even though she managed to mow the lawn now and then, but her favourite pastime was lying in her hammock reading a good book. Normally with a least one dragon in the story of course! She also had a small patch dedicated to growing wild flowers where she would scatter the seeds in early Spring. They were at their prime right now, poppy’s and cornflowers swaying in a gentle breeze, with honey suckle climbing the garden fence. The bees were having a feast and so were the birds, with feeders hanging from the trees, it was a great space for wildlife.

The birds were flying backwards and forwards enjoying the plentiful food in Kate’s garden, with the bees happily collecting the pollen. Temporarily distracted Bluberry said “why cant I fly like those lot?”

“You’re not a bird, and you’re not a bee? That could have something to do with it!”

“Dig or I’ll set your tail on fire Maddy!”

Maddy hissed, as she began to dig Blueberry looked around the garden. He was amazed that Kate hadn’t yet noticed the little mounds of earth dotted around the lawn. ‘I’m going to come unstuck soon, I know it.’

The morning began sunny and warm, so Kate decided to have her coffee in the garden for a change before going to work. Maddy sunbathing in the garden thought, ‘well this is going to be interesting.’ Sitting on the porch step her coffee almost to her lips Kate stopped mid slurp. “That’s odd I didn’t realise I had moles in the garden they’ve made a real mess of my lawn. Oh well they are quite sweet, we can all live in harmony together.” She gave a little giggle and wandered of to work.

‘Ohh now she’s becoming a hippy,’ thought Maddy wandering back into the house. “Hey Blubes where are you?”

“Do you want a punch calling me that, or have you got a death wish?”

“Ooo touchy this morning are we?”

“Shut up I have a headache from spinning around in that cursed microwave yesterday.”

“Well this might cheer you up,” Maddy explained Kates mole assumption. “I’m sure she’s turned hippy on us now.”

“I love her for it, that’s great news.”

“And the cushions?”

“Lets worry about that when it happens!”

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10 thoughts on “Blueberry Firepuff – Too Hot to Handle!

    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad too! It’s nice to be in my good writing place again.

  1. So cute! I love that the microwave makes him seasick! Of course, now I’m feeling guilty about my hedgehog warmer. I don’t think hedgehogs are made for microwaves, somehow… 😉

    1. Oh dear possibly not poor guy. At least Blueberry’s used to the heat being a fire breathing dragon, Ummm!

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it Gill. He’s a very sweet little dragon. There’s going to be a second part to it which I hope you’ll enjoy too.

  2. Fab story, Debbie! Love your characters…Blueberry Firepuff is adorable! 🙂

    1. Thanks Rosetta, he is a cutie. At least Maddy keeps an eye on his mishaps!

    1. Thanks very much for your compliment Ian. Yes it is fun, I love writing about my little dragon:)

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