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It had been many years since she’d woken, and her body was old and withered. Her eyes looked as dead as she was. Idly she wondered if the others had risen from their tombs yet. Ratten supposed she’d better go and look for them at some point. Where the hell was her broomstick? Standing up, she scrabbled around in the mound of earth she’d risen from and finally found it. Her old bones creaked as she set off in search of the others.
As she shuffled along Ratten thought of the coven they had all joined when they were still alive. That had been fun, and she’d taken great pleasure in weaving spells. Turning beautiful girls into old hags was a good one, which soon got rid of their vanity. Oh, yes and the time she turned that lizard into a dragon. It suited the creature much better than crawling about on its belly in the earth. However it wasn’t so much fun when the new dragon decided it hated witches and tried to burn her alive. Mind you that’s what happened to witches anyway wasn’t it?
Where the hell were the other two? She was sure their graves were around here somewhere. Then she heard swearing from behind a tree and there was Landra sitting on a rock.
“My leg has gone dead from lying in the earth for so long,” she said upon seeing Ratten hobbling over.
“What does it matter, you’re dead anyway?”
“I suppose so but I can’t get up until it loosens off.”
“It’s not as if we have anything pressing to do Landra, there’s no rush!”
“Ah there you both are,” yelled Coska, shuffling over to the pair of them.

The three of them looked a sorry sight, with their crinkled up leather skin, long black nails, and flesh hanging off their cheeks from rotting in the earth for so long. When they lived they were fearsome witches casting evil spells, and terrifying everybody for miles around. As they aged however, the witches lost their ability to cast spells and had to hide away as there was a bounty on their heads. Eventually they perished.

So here they were reunited for a short while anyway. They’d made a pact before they died, vowing they’d find each other somehow and have one last bit of fun before being sucked into the earth for the last time. Against all odds they had done just that speaking to each other telepathically until the time was right.

“What now then?” said Rattan, the most evil of the three. It had been her idea to do this and she wanted to make the most of it.
“It would be good to know what kind of people inhabit this earth now. I want to know what we’re letting ourselves in for,” replied Coska.”
“Yes we need to be prepared,” agreed Landra.
“Let’s have a look around and see if we can find out then.”
Creaking along on old bones the three witches shuffled along until they came across a farm house.
“What is that thing?” Coska said in awe, “a carriage with no horse, it roars and belches smoke, but not a dragon?”
The car sat idling while the driver lit up a cigarette, waiting for his wife to get a move on.
“A smoking stick, why does it not burn his mouth?” Landra looked confused.
At that moment a very harassed looking woman raced out of the cottage and jumped into the car.
“We’ll be late,” said the man, roaring off at high speed, with his tyres screeching, and the witches screeching along with them.
“I fear we have awoken into a new world with magic stronger than ours, we need to be careful,” Yelled Ratten, covering what was left of her ears. “Look that women’s left the door open in her haste. I need to fill my belly; let’s see if there is food in the house.”
Moving warily they entered the building, snooping around to see what they could find.
“What’s this?” said Coska, opening the fridge door. “It’s freezing in there! Do you think they have spells to control the cold? But there’s food in it.” All three of them lost no time in emptying the fridge of its contents.
Belching, Landra said, “Well at least the food’s edible but I prefer my meat, warm, bloody and thick, not like this watery thin pink stuff.”
After filling their bellies the witches started rummaging around the farm house. All of a sudden Landra bumped into a shelf knocking a vase off with a crash. That was when a high pitched screaming noise came from all around them. They’d set off the burglar alarm.
Landra screamed. “What is this invisible evil surrounding us? We can’t fight what we can’t see!”
Running from the house as best they could under the circumstances, the witches hobbled and stumbled back to their graves in terror.
As they stood in a circle panting Ratten said, “Well I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of this world it’s evil, there’s no fun to be had here.”
The other two readily agreed. “We’d rather stay buried,” they said in unison.
“See you in another lifetime if we have one then,” Ratten said, hobbling back to her grave, the others doing likewise. “That’s enough excitement for one lifetime,” she grumbled pulling the coffin lid over her head.

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  1. Feel quite sorry for them there witches! Enjoyed your flash fiction, let’s have more.x

    1. Thanks Kim. Burglar alarms and witches don’t seem to get on very well going by their reactions!

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