Little Rebels

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Little Rebels.

I love the characters in my book, every single one of them. But sometimes I get the feeling that they’re trying to drive me insane.

They just won’t do as they’re told. One minute they’re behaving themselves doing as I ask, than all of a sudden one of them does a runner. He goes off into his own little world and wanders around aimlessly refusing to co-operate. I lose him for the rest of the chapter then he turns up again and is really great, fitting in perfectly and everything runs smoothly for a while.

My star of the show Neiva is sweet and kind, does as she’s told, well most of the time and makes me feel like I’m really getting this writing gig. However, even she has her moments, like when she decided to forget how many people she’d healed and I had to remind her by looking back over a fair few chapters before finding out. Oh yes and the time when she kept spelling her name in two different ways just to be awkward, well that can wait till the editing, argh did I just say the E word?

Oh and one of my more minor characters who was doing great until he disappeared a few chapters in. Now he’s decided to pop up again and confuse everything. He’s out of the picture for the time being unless he starts behaving himself and fits in a bit better though.

What is going on with one of my main antagonists why does he refuse to settle in a bit better? He insists on being totally unpredictable, changing his role so that I cant decide weather he’s an evil monster, or very misunderstood, having had a hard life that has shaped his personality. So does that make him evil or a victim of circumstance?  He’s such hard work that I could kill him off sometimes.

The world they live in seems to have a life of its own when it wants to. Warm then cold, hilly then flat, a mountain that was there but disappears further into the book. Then it reappears again to ruin the whole landscape that I’ve just decided is the right one.

Some of them can’t spell either and their grammar leaves a lot to be desired at times. First of all I decide an apostrophe should work in one sentence then they decide that it doesn’t so they totally confuse me and I don’t know if it needs to be there or not!

I had to rewrite a whole chapter just because they decided they wanted to talk non stop throughout the whole thing turning it into an undignified babble!

But all of a sudden they calm down, go with the flow, gel with each other and I love them all. With their own personalities some happy, some cheeky, some unbelievable drama Queens and Kings, and there are the miserable lot of course always grumbling. Even the bad tempered ones are ok once they know their place.

One day they’ll make me laugh, the next I’ll cry. On other days they make so frustrated I want to scream. Then they go all shy on me and won’t say a word for days, but when they bounce back it feels wonderful, they keep me captivated for hours and it takes all of my willpower to leave them.

They also give me sleepless nights insisting on speaking to me the very moment that I’ve managed to switch my brain off, so inevitably I give up and listen. It’s funny though once I do listen they make perfect sense. But in the morning I’ve forgotten what they were talking about and they end up having to spell it out for me. Oh and as for their spelling….oh wait a minute I mentioned that earlier didn’t I? Hang on I seem to have become confused again, I hope I’m not going round in circles…..Oh how sweet they’re all joining together now, things flow so well when we work as a team.

So when it all comes to an end and we go our separate ways I’ll be so sad. I’ll miss then dearly and never want them to leave. They are going to come and visit soon though and we’ll have a party. I’ll find somewhere bookish so I can have lots of people round to meet my little stars. They can even tell them bit about themselves and what their role is in the book, as long as they don’t give too much away. I might even ask my precious characters to give a few books away for free, it may make them famous some day!!

I’m really excited too because we’ve missed each other so much that they’re going to come back next year and stay for as long as I want. Oh what adventures we’ll have. I can’t wait to see them again, I have so many ideas already. I’d better get myself plenty of notepads so that I can plan what we’ll do together next.

The End….or is it?


Do your characters have a mind of their own sometimes? I’d love to know I’m not the only one!

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8 thoughts on “Little Rebels

  1. seems like your characters have their own minds good luck reiginig them in so you can finish. loved your post, gave me some insght on fiction….not sure i’m ready though i talk to myself alot so i’m not ready for so much company just yet! lol!!

    1. Thanks Jiselle, no doubt they’ll behave themselves eventually! I’m glad you enjoyed my post you should just have a go at writing a short fiction post and see where it takes you, that’s how I started. My blog was purely non fiction before then.

  2. Looking forward to the finished product! Characters do have a mind of their own. You’ve just got ’em sussed and they are off on a tangent. Pinning the little beggars down can be so frustrating. Good luck anyway! X

    1. I’m looking forward to the finished product too, if only to calm down my brain! I love them all though they each have their own personalities but sorting them out can be crazy sometimes. Thanks for the encouragement Ann.

    1. That must have driven you crazy Nicki especially when you were trying to concentrate!

  3. Ha, characters do drive you mad sometimes! I had a very minor character who was meant to basically have one or two lines before vanishing move in, put his feet up, and stay to become a pretty key secondary character! Sometimes you just have to let them get on with it 😉

    1. Yes I know what you mean. A certain fire eating individual has become a star when he was only supposed to stop by for a chapter!

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