Ralenka & The Guild

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Ralenka & The Guild.

Ralenka flew around the ancient Cathedral, her bright red eyes glaring. There had been too many humans wandering around lately and the faerie was not happy. She and the rest of the guild had been the dark guardians of this place for thousands of years, and she was getting increasingly worried that they would be discovered. Those great lumbering beings would come poking around, especially the children, peeping into holes and turning over rocks. Now they had started setting up tents near the ancient hollow tree the faeries lived in, getting far too close, and something had to be done. Flying back to the tree, she called to the other faeries. They flew down from the surrounding branches, alighting next to her. Ralenka was the strongest, the high faerie of the guild, and she was furious.

“This cannot continue. I fear we will soon be discovered. We need to scare them away as soon as possible.”

“Their camping grounds will be unprotected come nightfall,” said Kallandra. “They will be sleeping and vulnerable, a good time to attack!” Kallandra was the tallest, stunning to behold and quick to anger. There were five of them in total, all with long black hair, piercing red eyes and tiny fangs for teeth. Their wings were crimson with black tips at the end. Only the size of a bird, but fearsome to behold. They could fight to the death when challenged, but tried to avoid that whenever they could.

“What spells shall we use?” asked Petra. She was tiny and more timid than the others, always needing to be lead which was how she liked it.

“Firewrap always works well,” Kalendra declared, smiling wickedly.

This was an evil spell in which any area of the body they touched was immediately enveloped in flame. It was not fatal if combined to a small area, but agonising and frightening to the victim.

“Yes that and clawsting,”said Ralenka. “It should be enough to scare them sufficiently.”

“We wont hurt the children though will we?” Asked Petra.

“Of course not Petra, we’re not evil, but we have to get rid of them,” said Ralenka, “we are the guardians, so this is necessary.”

The twins, Natalia and Natasha, grinned at each other. They had a wicked side to them, and Clawsting was a spell they both enjoyed. They loved running their long nails,(as tiny and sharp as needles), along the victim’s skin, cutting little rivers into it as they did so. It was easy too, because as soon as they touched the victim they were immobilised and could not flee. The twins liked blood, and if they could get away with it would lap at it quickly if the other faeires weren’t watching.”It will soon be nightfall,” said Ralenka, ” we will wait until they sleep then attack!” “I’m looking forward to this,” declared Kallandra.

As the humans began dispersing to their tents, the guild started to move closer. There were a few humans still sitting around a camp fire they’d built earlier but they had been drinking, so weren’t very alert. Sneaking up behind them the faeries flew into one of the tents, looking round carefully. “I’ll keep watch,” said Petra preffering not to get involved in the attack. A male human in one corner of the tent was sleeping, snoring loudly.

“Why do humans make that terrible noise?” asked Natasha. “They sound like pigs!” She grinned evily, flying silently over to the male human, and alighting on his arm. Opening her hands she ran one sharp nail down his arm, just on a small area, but it was enough to wake him. He looked down at his arm, and seeing the blood jumped up yelling. Not understanding what he was seeing he froze in fright. Natash hissed and slashed at his arm again while he stood rooted to the spot and the spell worked its way into his body. Natalia came over and scratched at his other arm, then making sure Ralenka and Kallandra weren’t watching they looked knowingly at each other. Alighting, one on each arm, they knelt down, quickly lowering their heads and lapping at the human’s blood. The other two faeries were busy with a female human, placing their hands on her creating a tiny fire around her ankle.

She cried out, leaping up, “Mike help me!” Looking over at her husband she saw two tiny winged creatures with cascading black hair crouched on her husbsnd’s arm lapping at his blood as it trickled down.

Screaming she started swiping at Ralenda and Kallandra, who flew out of her way easily. “Lets get moving we have a lot to do before daybreak,” shouted Ralenka. She looked over at the two who, lost in the ecstasy of the moment, weren’t even listening. She screamed at them and Kallandra swooped over, slamming into the other two, “get away now!” They both looked up shamfaced wiping the blood off their mouths.

“Just a quick drink,” moaned Natalia, “that’s all it was.”

The rest of the night the faeries did what they were destined to do, causing chaos amongst the humans, entering each tent, inflicting pain and fear. Even Petra joined in once there was no more need for a lookout, all of the humans fleeing from their tents in blind panic. It didn’t take long before they had got rid of all of them.

“Job done,” laughed Ralenka, as the last one raced away. “I don’t think we’ll be seeing them again!” Rumour soon spread amongst the villagers. It was said there were giant blood sucking vampires living in the Cathedral. The humans who had encountered the dark faeries were too embarrassed to say that they had run away from creatures as small as birds. Unwittingly they had helped the faeries achieve their purpose as no human wanted to mess with a vampire!



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