Winter Musings.

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Winter Musings.

Do you remember winter, I mean a proper winter?

A winter where you knew what to expect, bundled up in warm clothes, watching your dad scraping the ice off the car window screen before heading off to work? I do and I want to share some of my memories with you. Maybe you can remember them too. (Hey there’s a poem in there somewhere)! 

Frosty grass stiff and glistening, a pale opaque white. The green just poking through, soon melting under my feet when I walk on it.

Brown leaves crunching underfoot as I run through them sending them flying into the air.

Seeing my breath as I blow it out into the cold air.

Icy puddles that I purposefully walk on to watch them splitting beneath my wellington clad feet, releasing the water underneath.

More, thicker, icy puddles so solid that I can slide on them. Until I slip over onto my backside giggling with the pure fun of it.

Luminescent Stalactites hanging off the trees looking pretty, before I accidently snap them off that is…oops!

Icy cobwebs, frozen like a work of art.

The cosy attire of my woolly hat, mittens and a giant oversize scarf that my nan has lovingly knitted. Mum having to wrap it around my neck at least twice so that it doesn’t hang down to my feet and trip me over.

The excitement of waking up in the morning to see that its snowing,  soft flakes floating gently onto the ground.

Oh yes and the fun of going out into that snow playing with my sisters and making footprints in it. Snowmen, snowballs, little igloos that always fall down.

Throwing the snowballs at each other and laughing as they break up sending a shower over us. Or watching them make soft round marks on our clothes as they hit us with a little thud. Only a little thud though!

Snowman building, with pebbles for eyes, a grinning mouth of little stones, and a stick for a nose, maybe even a carrot if my mum has a spare one. Sticks for hands too if they’ll stay put.

Walking round in circles to make snow prints. Or up and down to make tracks.

Making a flat patch of snow under the bird feeder so they can find the bread when we throw it, their little feet leaving patterned indents in the snow. Making sure the pond doesn’t freeze over so that they still have fresh water to drink.

Lauren my niece having fun in the snow!

The hope that if the snow gets thick enough school might close and we can play out all day long.

Coming indoors with red noses and numb fingers, still grinning from the fun of it all.

Wrapping our hands round a cup of hot chocolate. The day ending snuggled up together.

I loved those days, proper winter, cold and frosty, sunny and fresh. Such happy memories. Maybe they sound too good to be true but as I sit here writing this it all comes back to me. I have a smile on my face right now and happy butterflies in my stomach.

Do you know what? I wish it would snow this very moment, its Autumn but you never know the weather is so unpredictable these days. It would be so lovely to have proper seasons again. Warm in Spring, a promise of the hot Summer to come. Then exactly that, hot summer days and swimming in the sea.  Autumn getting chilly but still the odd warm day, not all the drizzly rain we get now. Then Winter, well you already know about winter, its what this post is about.

I hope you’ve been able to re-live it with me. Unless you’re still a Spring chicken that is, no pun intended! 

Have you got any fond childhood memories of winter? I’d love to know, they might even be like mine.




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2 thoughts on “Winter Musings.

  1. Memories just like yours actually! But we had Jack Frost patterns on the inside of the windows! We never moaned about the snow then, always eager to get out to play in it. We would build a snow wall as a shield and have snowball fight in the street with the other children. Lots of frozen fingers and soggy gloves. Happy memories!

    1. That sounds great, you’ve just reminded me we made snowflake patterns on the window. Our memories have a lot in common it seems 🙂

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