The Last Laugh – a Ghost’s Story.

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The Last Laugh – a Ghost’s Story.

A piece of ‘flash fiction,’ I hope you enjoy it!

Trinity’s heart was heavy that morning, the fact that it didn’t beat anymore wasn’t the point, the fact that she’d given her life for a man who she thought loved her however, was. Looking down on him as he passionately kissed his new, no scrap that, his other girlfriend made her seethe with anger. “I saved your life you baster…” she yelled to absolutely no one.

She remembered it with a shudder. They’d hired a motor boat which he was driving far too fast, turning sharply he caused it to capsize. She didn’t know that he couldn’t swim until he sank under the water so she held his head above it swimming as strongly as possible to get to shore. They were quite far out so it felt like forever and Trinity began to tire. Then when a huge wave smashed into them and covered her completely she didn’t have the energy left to fight it and was drawn underwater, never to emerge again.

By the time her body was washed up onto a beach she was just a shell, her spirit already rising upwards and away from her. Trinity was welcomed warmly by the other spirits when she entered the ‘Skylands’, she had sacrificed her own life to save another. She didn’t even know if Nathan had lived at the time, so was overwhelmed with joy when she discovered that he’d survived. It made her sacrifice seem worth it. Or so she thought at the time.

Trinity was allowed to watch over Nathan for a while until she felt ready to let go of her past as a living being, so was eager to see how he was getting on. This was when she discovered that he’d been seeing another women at the same time as her. To make matters worse he had planned on leaving her for the girl right after celebrating Trinity’s 20th birthday.

That was when anger and revenge stated to overwhelm her. She decided she would go back to earth and haunt him until his dying day, hopefully that would be sooner rather than later when he saw her. It would finally put an end to it and let her get on with her life….well death come to think of it!  She begged for an audience with the high spirit Makis, to ask for his permission.

When she entered his chambers, she was terrified but he soon put her at ease by saying “I know what you’ve come to request my new one.”  All of the new spirits were known as this until they were given their spiritual name, casting off their old human existence. “Will you grant me my request high spirit ?”  She asked timidly.

“I will as you have been severely wronged, but on one condition. You will visit him once only to share how let down you feel then return without harming him.”

“But that wont make up for what he’s done to me! I want him to suffer, to be terrified, not sleep at night, and, and….”

“No!  We are the spirits of good, not evil this is the only way I will allow it. He’ll learn his lesson well enough by seeing and hearing you, this will frighten him sufficiently.”

Trinity left with disappointment, but if that was the only way to take her revenge then she’d agree to it. If she could control her temper was another thing however.

The following evening she tried to put her feet on the earth once again, she was floating just above it however so couldn’t quite manage that. Instead she floated on what felt a cushion of air into Nathan’s untidy apartment. There he was entwined in a passionate embrace with his other girl. “Great”, thought Trinity, “two birds with one stone.”  She sent herself a vision of floating higher, and did just that, then hovered over the couple.

“Ahem sorry to interrupt”, Nathan jumped up while his other girlfriend screamed. “Up here you scumbag”, yelled Trinity.

“What the fu….” he shrieked, “Is this a joke I thought you were dead.”  He bolted for the door but Trinity floated down and stopped him in his tracks, his girl meanwhile had curled herself into a ball and watched the scene unfold with a terrified expression.  “Not so fast pal, I AM dead and I’ll make you suffer for what you did.”  Trinity went to grab him but her hand was slapped down by an unknown force.  “Do not disobey me” growled the high spirit,” you shall face banishment if you lay your hands on a human, do as I told you.”

“Oh shi……” Nathan quailed what was that?”

“You heard him?”  Trinity laughed, “Nice one, I mean thank you high spirit.”  She glared at Nathan, “you evil piece of shi…., I saved your life.”  That was when she saw a small puddle starting to form between his feet as he whimpered like a baby.  “Ugh you’ve peed yourself, shows you’re scared then.”  She looked him over.  “Actually you’ve gone chubby, eating too much cake” she giggled, “is your other girl a bit of a cook?”

The hight spirit’s voice boomed throughout the room.  “Return now Trinity, you’ve done enough.”  Trinity smiled “change your pants Nathan” she said laughing, and left with a blink!  As for Nathan, he changed his pants, his apartment, and his identity, living on eggshells for the rest of his miserable life….oh and his girlfriend left him!


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  1. Revenge is sweet! Excellent piece of writing, enjoyed it very much. X

    1. Hi Anna, thank you very much. Im glad you like it. I’m good thanks, how are you?

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