Being a Newby Writer.

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Being a Newby Writer.

If anybody had told me I’d become a writer two years ago I’d never have believed them. I was a singer that was my profession and always would be, or so I thought. It seems I was wrong.

I recently published my latest blog post in The Secret Of Lowland Forest series, my last one in fact. Well in blog format that is. There’s a lot more of it to come yet, but I’m ready to put it in book format now so unless I give the whole story away the blog posts have to stop.

This is new and rather scary territory for me. Good grief I never even thought Id be writing a blog, never mind a piece of fiction that I love enough to go that one step further and publish it for all the world to see.

People who read my blog will be familiar by now with how all of this came about, and if not pop over and have a look at my other blog Anosmia My World to be further enlightened. This post isn’t about that time in my life though, I’m moving forward into another chapter as it were!

As the title says I am what some people may call a ‘newby writer’, well I call it that anyway and I feel excited and out of my depth all at the same time. What do I know about indenting paragraphs, where to put speech marks, how many words equate to a story, a Novella, a book? Spelling ahhh don’t go there, grammar, does an apostrophe go after the last letter before the last letter not at all, in what context, see what I mean. But, and a big but, sorry I’m not being rude! I bloody love it! Surly that’s the most important thing? I also think I’m doing ok with it too, yep pretty important if I want to take it to the next level. That’s the plan anyway.

I’m being very honest in this post so hey guys in AllWrite please don’t run away on me yet I didn’t say I was an expert when I set the group up just a passionspert…..I KNOW THIS IS NOT A WORD IN THE ENLISH DICTIONARY! But I’m sure some of you writers out there understand what I mean, you have to start somewhere!

So lets get to the nitty gritty, this is why I think I’m allowed to class myself as a writer:

  • I love it, love it, love it!
  • Coffee is my favourite beverage, (ok the odd glass of wine too).
  • I have a cat!
  • I have a good imagination.
  • I’m versatile (if I’m not careful this is going to start sounding like a C.V.)!
  • I write my head off, have a quick breather if I remember, then write some more.
  • I don’t notice my husband coming in from work.
  • I have a note pad by my bed.
  • I forget to go to bed!
  • I wake up half way through the night with a story in my head and have to write it down in case its not there in the morning.
  • I cry from sheer frustration if I cant write sometimes. (Writers block I think you may call that one).
  • I feel guilty if I don’t write everyday.
  • I put pressure on myself TO write everyday. (I know I shouldn’t).
  • I make notes then roll the paper into a ball and chuck it across the room.
  • I snap at my poor long suffering husband, then feel bad and spend the rest of the day feeling guilty, so I cant write anyway.
  • I get black days, when I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Then the next day I feel a sense of pure joy when I’ve written something that, I think at least is great.
  • I feel even better when another writer reads it and I get good feedback from them.
  • I feel good when anybody reads my work and likes it. By the way personally I don’t think that’s big headed, more a feeling of accomplishment.
  • I love to learn from other writers.
  • I admire other writers.
  • I enjoy writing this blog, both blogs in fact.
  • I’m grateful that I’ve been given this gift, no comments please if you don’t think so as I’m a sensitive soul. Hey I’ve just identified that as another reason why I think I’m allowed to call myself a writer.
  • I have a cat and love coffee, yep I know I’ve just said that, wanted to end this list on a playful note however.

See what I mean about being honest?

I know some amazing writers who have been brave enough to bare their soul in posts. I admire them and their bravery and strength to do that. I’ve read some funny posts, some gripping posts, some scary posts. I’ve read their books and loved so many of them. I’ve had some wonderful help and advice. I’ve had support, understanding, empathy. We writers are a good sort really you know.

All of you writers out there should be proud of what you do whether its a hobby, a career, or you’re working on that one like me. Everybody is a success in their own right.

Even if you don’t own a cat, or like coffee!

Are you a newby writer tell me what you think. Or as a non-newby at what point did you start calling yourself a writer?




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8 thoughts on “Being a Newby Writer.

  1. HAHAHAHA, I don’t own a cat. I never considered myself a writer, but now I do. I love sharing my story and my 2 cents about random things. It’s great therapy too.

    1. 🙂 so glad you consider yourself a writer, if you write, you are it doesn’t matter what it is…..well within reason 😉

  2. Love your enthusiasm and dedication Debbie. Keep up the writing with that passion. Love what You have written so far. Don’t stop! X

  3. Lovely post Debbie! And I love your last comment about being proud of what you do, regardless of if you’e writing for a living or just dabbling. Perfect 🙂

    1. Thanks very much Kim. I do think that’s the case. Writing should be a pleasure not just a career, even though that’s what I want, some people just want to write from the pure enjoyment that they get out of it.

  4. Not to be a Debby Downer, but it’s hard. Really hard. And if you don’t have a thick skin, start developing one. All this said, nothing can free your mind and soul and give you a healthier release of emotions, both good and bad, like writing. So welcome aboard and write on!

    1. I appreciate the advice B.B but I can assure you after all I’ve been through my skin is pretty tough. I’m also very determined when I want to be so I’ll keep working until it happens. Thanks for the welcome 🙂

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