The Secret Of Lowland Forest – 4 (Corlin).

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The Secret Of Lowland Forest – 4 (Corlin).

Magda paced the cave, the son of Corlin was restless.

“Father, we’ve lived here for too many years now, we need to try again, claim that land once and for all!”

“We don’t have the power we once had Magda, we wouldn’t win, we didn’t last time, remember how many soldier’s we lost? The Lowland Clan were stronger than we thought.”

“You’ve given up without even trying!”

Corlin leapt at his son, knocking him to the ground and pinning him there. “You dare to question my authority? You may be my son but I’m still the leader of this clan. You’d be wise to remember that before making accusations!”

He stood up and walked over to a ridge in the cave where he could rest. Corlin knew he was getting too old to last much longer as the alpha male, and it saddened him to think that it would be his own son who would challenge his leadership when the time came. In a way he was proud of the fact that Magda was as ruthless as himself but sorry that it would end in blood shed and most likely his own demise.

“Leave me now Magda, I have some thinking to do.”

Magda made sure he didn’t make eye contact with his father, as this could be seen as aggression and he wasn’t ready for that kind of confrontation yet. He slunk out of the cave very much aware of his father’s eyes upon him as he left.

Looking around the damp dark cave Corlin thought of how his territory used to be solid and strong with a great army by his side. That was why he thought they’d have no problem winning the Lowland Clan territory making him even greater, but he didn’t take into account their strength and the fact that they had the powerful mystic Paradisia on their side. It made them too strong to wipe out even though they managed to slaughter a few before retreating, including her.

When he did eventually die which he knew wasn’t that long coming, what legacy would he leave? He’d be remembered as the coward, who didn’t have the courage to try and wipe out the Lowland Clan once and for all. Picking up a large boulder he threw it against the cave wall shattering it into small pieces. He was still strong enough to do this even though his army wasn’t as strong as they used to be, he had an idea forming in his mind that just might give them the victory they deserved however.

Why couldn’t he use magic too? The Lowland Clan may have had their mystic but she was long gone. Could he dare to summon the one person who could defeat the Lowland Clan once and for all? The problem was it would be dangerous indeed and may end up ending his life sooner than he expected. He crouched low considering and plotting throughout most of the night.

As the sun rose above the caves, Corlin had made up his mind. He summoned Magdar, and Cane the captain of his army. “I’m going to leave for the’ Falling Mountains’ today, search for Rock, the mountain king and ask for his service, he has the strong dark powers and an army to go with them.”

“That’s suicide!” said Cane.

“Its the only way we can defeat them, Magdar growled at Cane. “I think it should be done.”

“I thought you might” Magdar.”

He left that very night with Cane by his side, hoping he’d made the right decision leaving Magda in charge in his absence.

Neiva and Thornton met Glinda at her den that morning as agreed. Thornton felt uncomfortable around Glinda and her piercing stare didn’t help.

“Can we trust him?” said Glinda. “These are dark times, if any of the other foxes find out how threatened we are panic could easily break out.”

“We can Glinda he’s been my friend for a long time I don’t doubt his loyalty.”

“How about talking to me, instead of about me as if I’m invisible?” Said Thornton.

“Ok well I hope you have courage as well as loyalty Thornton because you’re gonna need it.”

“The humming you’ve been hearing Neiva?  There is said to be an evil presence in the Falling Mountains. There is a king who resides in there who has the future site like me but much more powerful. He can sense when there is trouble ahead and he relishes it. The humming you hear is the awakening of this God, his army utter this sound as fealty to him so that he doesn’t kill them when he awakes. He knows there is death ahead and he’s sensed it. There must be somebody looking for him to request his help as we speak.”

“So what do we do?”

“Its your decision I’m afraid Neiva, either we wait or gather an army and go in pursuit.”

I hope you’ve been enjoying ‘The Secret Of Lowland Forest’ series. Its not over yet but if you would like to read more, I will be releasing the full piece in a collection of short stories.


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7 thoughts on “The Secret Of Lowland Forest – 4 (Corlin).

  1. The story’s really coming along Debbie – looking forward to reading more in the short story collection!

    1. Thanks very much Kim. I’m quite excited about it, now all I need to do is work my proverbial’s off to make it happen 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed that again Debbie . Looking forward to the next instalment. X

    1. Thank you very much Ann. There won’t be any more Neiva stories on my blog but it’s going to be in a book instead. X

    1. Thanks so much Kirstie, it’s going to be in book format from now but I’ll make sure I let everybody know when it’s available. So glad you’re enjoying it.

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