Selling Out!

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Selling Out!

Music has, and always will be a big part of my life. My singing and lyric writing have been at the forefront for a long time.

I love all styles of writing, my passion now being fiction. But I also love to write lyrics. As a singer for fifteen years, argh I feel old, I have written a lot of songs and I’ll be adding other examples to this category of my blog now and then. But today I want to share this song with you.

This was a song I wrote for my band ‘Aoife’, the subject being reality TV and how it can make a normal everyday person change into someone who is unrecognisable to family and friends alike. They stop being genuine and instead become self important and star struck.

There are more reality TV programs than ever now, making them predictable and attention seeking. I’m sure everybody has watched them at some point in their lives, and at first I found the coverage quite interesting and entertaining, but now with so many taking over our television screens, the attraction wears a bit thin.


Selling Out!

Verse 1:

Get me a limo I’m famous

I’m what its all about.

Get me a limo I’m famous

or I’ll start to shout.

Get me a limo I’m famous

I’ve been on TV.

Thanks to a brilliant show

they call reality.

Verse 2:

No where to hide from the public.

All they have to do

is switch on the television

and find out what gossip is new.

No where to run for cover

there’s cameras everywhere.

But I don’t care who’s watching

I’m gonna be a millionaire.


Used to care about the little things

have a sense of pride.

But now I’m out for what I can get

Ignor what I feel inside.

No where to hide.

Verse 3:

Don’t care who I have to walk over

to get where I wanna be.

I don’t care what they say

the money’s what matters to me.

Don’t care if my reputation

is making me look bad.

Don’t care coz I know at the end of the day

their jealousy will drive them all mad!


Used to care about the little things

have a sense of pride.

But now I’m out for what I can get

ignore what I feel inside.

No where to hide.

Final section:

I know you think I’ve sold out.

Make’s no difference

it’s my shout.

Copyright D A Jinks


I felt like this was a good place to end the song. The unfortunate individual has made her bed, (I decided on a female character), so will have to lie in it until that particular programme becomes unpopular, as they inevitably do. Then what? They become just another face in the crowd.

Id be interested to know your thoughts on this subject. Are you a reality TV addict? Does it drive you mad? Do you have sympathy for these people? Have I been too harsh? Or do you think they’ve got what’s coming to them?

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2 thoughts on “Selling Out!

  1. Yes, for many years I was a reality TV devotee and was desperate to work in that genre (behind the cameras). I even did a couple of times. With older age and wisdom, I’ve grown cynical with the genre… just like you have. Great song! I’ll tweet your post… and I still do watch some reality TV when I can sneak it past my hubbie.

    1. I do think reality TV has lost a lot of its appeal as it’s not a new thing anymore. Interesting that you wanted to work in that genre it was quite an exciting enigma at first. I’m glad you like the song Brydie and thanks very much for your feedback. I did wonder if I was being a bit too opinionated after having posted it. I’ll be writing more posts involving songs as well.

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