Foxy Magic

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Foxy Magic.

I’m very excited to be nominated by the incredibly talented writer Kim Watt for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’. My rather daunting task is to allow a character from one of my stories to answer 10 questions of Kim’s choice, about me and see what they come up with, gulp! I have a particular soft spot for one of them as she is the star of my first short fantasy story. Her name is Nieva, my well behaved mystic fox, (well I hope she will be), from ‘The Secret of Lowland Forest’.

However its not as easy as it sounds as there are rules to stick by so I’d better behave myself. This is how it works. After my character has answered Kim’s 10 questions I have to come up with 10 of my own and nominate bloggers to answer them on behalf of a character of their choice. I can ask up to 11 bloggers, but as I don’t have many friends (sympathy vote please),  I’m going to ask 5. So I’d better get on with it!

1. Is your author disproportionately cruel to you or does she enjoy embarrassing you?

Well she made me grow up pretty quickly that’s for sure, there I was a young cub getting fussed over and cuddled, then wham! She kills my mother off and sticks me with the responsibility of being the new mystic healer for the whole clan! Talk about shocking. Oh yes and she decides to make me this wimpy shy little thing to top it all, a bit embarrassing in front of the other foxes, most of whom are good fighters and hard nuts!


Young fox cub.

2. Are you named from someone in your authors life? Why?

Yep! But of course it wasn’t that simple, never is with my sweet author. She had a friend at school called Neave who was, what do you call them these days her ‘besty’. They went through first boyfriends, first crushes, first snogs behind the bicycle shed ugh! They even wore all this silly frilly stuff and headbands, what did she call it ‘Old’, no hang on ‘New Romantics’. All the boys looked like girls, wore makeup the lot! But she couldn’t leave it there, had to play around with my name to make it sound more mysticy, so I became Neiva instead of just plain old Neave.

3. What quirks has the author given you that you really wish they hadn’t?

Well to be fair she’s done a pretty good job in that respect. Without sounding too vain I think I’m pretty cool with these healing powers and stuff. Even though she’s made me shy, I’ll let you into a little secret. All that starts to change when I become this cool warrior chick.  Hope I’ve not given too much away she’ll kill me otherwise, metaphorically speaking of course!

4. Do you feel confident that you’re going to make it into a sequel (or would if there was one)? Why/Why not?

Well she’s not even finished the first one yet as its in chapters, so I cant really answer that. But hey I’m the star of the show so if she did write a sequel and I wasn’t in it, I’d never speak to her again. Or maybe I’d turn her into a nasty witch or something, or find someone who could!

5. How do you justify not doing what your author tells you?

Well I don’t think she was very happy when I said I wanted to dismember my enemy’s, and made her write it into the story. She was worried it would sound too nasty and she wants me to stay nice. But they killed my mother for goodness sake what does she expect? I’m hardly going to forgive them. Oh and she absolutely hates it when I roll around in smelly stuff that I’ve found in the grass, especially if its poo. Hey if cats can do it why cant foxes?

6.What is one thing about you that your author has edited out/is going to edit out, but you’d like to tell us.

Well she was going to give me wings, ha wings! Anyway I’d have them hidden under my fir so if I needed to get out of trouble quickly I could fly off. I’m glad she changed her mind on that one I’d have felt really stupid!

7. What’s the most interesting thing about you?

Its got to be my healing powers hasn’t it. I mean nobody else in the clan can do that. However Glinder’s pretty good with her futuristic malarkey.

8. If you’re not the protagonist, do you wish you were? Why/why not?

That ones easy, as I am the protagonist. So I should be, no one can fill my paws being a hero and all that.

9. Do you have a sidekick or helper? Who are they?

Grumpy old Glinder who has the sixth sense. She’s great at warning me if something bad’s coming along. Like the freaking clan who attacked us all those years ago. Thornton’s pretty good at being supportive too.

10. What would you like to tell your author?

Hey author you are my best friend and I wouldn’t exist without you, in fact I’d go as far as to say that I have quite a soft spot for you. Cut it out with the idea of taking me to that dog grooming parlour up the road though or I’ll roll in something even worse next time.







Well that’s me finished, I hope you enjoyed my excellent responses, goes without saying of course!

Now here are my questions:

1. Do you think your author should have given you a special talent like being a time traveller, or a mathematical genius for example? (Depending on his/her writing genre).

2. Does your author think she’s in control or can you make her do your bidding?

3. What is your least favourite character that she has written into the story?

4. If you could be a different character who/what would you be?

5. Do you like the world she has built around you? If not what would you change about it?

6. Has she given you a lover? Are you happy with her choice?

7. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

8. Do you think she has made you sound pretty/handsome or should she have worked harder on that?

9. What habit does your author have that really irritates you?

10. Do you think your author is a talented writer? Or could she do with taking a few courses?

Ok now it’s over to the poor souls I’ve nominated to pick up the gauntlet. They are

Kirstie Ganobisk

Hope Abel

Anthony Morgan-Clark

Ed Ryder

Christine Ardon






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  1. Congratulations on the Sunshine Blogger award and well done. You deserve it! X

    1. I’m really pleased your doing this Christine, I’m looking forward to reading it.

    1. Thanks for accepting my nomination Ed. I look forward to reading your post!

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