The Secret Of Lowland Forest 3 (turning point).

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The Secret Of Lowland Forest 3 (turning point).


“Ouch,” yelled Thornton.

“Stop being such a cub.” Replied Neiva irritably.

“You’ve certainly changed from the relaxed and friendly mystic we’re all used to!”

“Oh sorry Thornton, its just that there’s an unsettling in the forest and its making me nervous. Cant you feel it?”

“All I can feel is the stinging in my paw, I thought this wasn’t supposed to hurt?”

“It wouldn’t if you’d keep still.” Neiva held her own paw over the wound, as she did so Thornton felt a mild heat then the pain he’d had all day, gradually faded.

“Thanks Neiva, it didn’t really hurt I was having you on.”

“Yea right,” she replied smiling.

After Thornton had left, Neiva went back to her Den. She sat in the clearing for a long time listening intently. There was a distant humming sound that she’d started picking up the day before, and she knew it wasn’t right. The feeling of unease was growing too. ‘Oh mother if only you were here to guide me,’ she thought. With a sigh she went into her den and fell into an uneasy sleep.

The following morning Neiva went to find Glinder she was a wise old fox known to have powers to see into the future. With her grey fur and grumpy manner she wasn’t exactly the most sociable creature but Neiva knew she needed to take somebody into her confidence and if anybody could help it would be her.

She found her sitting by the beck that ran around their territory trying to catch fish with her paw. It wasn’t exactly Neiva’s’ idea of a decent meal but Glinder seemed to be rather fond of the things. She looked around sharply as Neiva approached, she had keen hearing and was nimble on her paws even at her age.

Swinging round she said “what is it I’m trying to catch my breakfast?”  With her poor eyesight Neiva imagined it was quite a task. “Is that you Neiva? Come closer, you know what my blasted eyesight’s like these days.”

“Hello Glinder, I need to talk to you about……”

“Yes I know the humming.”

“You can hear it?” Neiva said with surprise.

“Of course not, only you have that skill, but I can see it in my mind, far away at the moment but it is coming this way.”

“What is it Glinda, I’m so worried, its getting louder almost buzzing in my head.”

“Ah lass,” Glinda said “you shouldn’t be having to face this on your own, but there’s no one else with the skills you have to tackle it.”  The compassion and sadness in her eyes frightened Neiva even more. This was grumpy old Glinda, she didn’t act like that. “I wish I was younger and stronger, then we could stand together in this, but all I can offer you is my future sight which is at your disposal as long as you need me.”

“But what is it, how can I fight an enemy I cant see?”

“Do you remember that terrible time when the Rockbank clan tried to claim our land? Ahh of course you do, I was loath to raise the matter, but I believe they are going to try again. The humming you can hear, they have help, evil help.”

“No” shouted Neiva, “they killed my mother! let them try I’ll slaughter every one of them!” Glinda was taken aback by the insanity in Neiva’s eyes. She had never seen this side of her. “You must keep your emotions under control Neiva, if you don’t we wont stand a chance!” Neiva turned and fled as Glinda looked on with fear. ‘The poor lass’ thought Glinda, ‘she has no idea how powerful she really is, it may destroy us all.’

Alone in her den Neiva couldn’t stop trembling, the uncontrollable rage she had felt when Glinda told her the news had made her feel like she was going mad, at that moment she could see herself in her minds eye. killing, slashing using her powers to burn and dismember the enemy. What was the evil Glinder spoke of, would she even be able to see it when the time came? Would she have to become evil herself to stand any chance of winning this battle?

She stayed in her den until dark then went out patrolling Lowland forest. Always listening and trying to control the anger that was threatening to overwhelm her. She eventfully found herself at Thorntons’ den. He was still awake, restlessly pacing back and forth.

“What are you doing up at this hour?” he said when he spotted Neiva watching him.

“We’re nocturnal remember? I could ask you the same thing,” she snapped.

“Woa calm down. You know this unsettling you were talking about when you were healing my paw?”


“Well I’m no mystic, but things do feel wrong around here, so once you’ve finished biting my head off, do you need any help?”

“I thought you’d never ask” she said with a sigh of relief.

“For you I’ll do all I can, we all will Neiva. Now go and get some rest, we’ll talk in the morning.”

“Ok we can meet at Glindas’ den.”

“Oh no you haven’t got that grumpy old vixen involved?”

“You know her powers, I need her, do you want to help or not?”

“Ok, ok I’ll be there.”





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6 thoughts on “The Secret Of Lowland Forest 3 (turning point).

    1. Thanks very much Claudette. I’ll be posting the next one soon.

  1. Phwoah…Bring on the next part like already Debbie, I was transfixed…I cant wait to know what the humming in Lowland Forest is really all about, What happens to Neiva, Glinda and Thornton. You brought these creatures to perfect life…What a talent! I dont mind subscribing to see what happens next 🙂 thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for your great comments and enthusiasm. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it Julie.

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