Is Your Pet Good For You?

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Is Your Pet Good For You?

The answer is yes.

If you have any kind of pet, even a guinea pig it can have a positive affect on your state of mind and wellbeing. Friendly well behaved pets, ok so some of our pets can be cute terrors at times, are known to be very therapeutic for us crazy stressed out humans!

Picture the scenario, you are relaxing with this happy purring bundle of fur on your lap. I mean the cat! Or petting your dog. How does it feel to stroke its fur and have it snuggling up to you?  Does the tension start to leave your body, do you feel your muscles relaxing, your shoulders dropping?  This physical contact with your pet can give you a real feeling of wellbeing and comfort, which is very therapeutic in this fast paced world.

I don’t know about you but if my cat looks at me with his big doe eyes and wants me to sit down and have a cuddle, even though I’ve got things to do I cant help but give in to him. Even if its for only ten minutes, I’m under his spell.  A complete sucker….em yep. But its not such a bad thing if it makes you stop and just me mindful of that bonding with your pet, helping you to focus on that one moment. To switch off for a while

It is scientifically proven that being with your pet has significant benefits. Such as:

  • Lifts spirits and lessens depression.
  • Releases endorphins, a feel good hormone that is released from your brain helping you to relax and improve your mood.
  • Provides comfort
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Reduces boredom
  • Makes you feel less isolated if you live alone.

When you walk your dog it improves your physical health and your cardiovascular health too.

Tubs the house rabbit.
In fact any kind of pet can do the above, I wasn’t joking when I said a guinea pig either. My sister had a house rabbit, he would sit on her lap, greet her when she came in from work and go for a walk with her around the garden. As you can see by the rather hairy arms in this picture however, that is not my sisters’ lap he’s sitting on! I remember having guinea pigs and rabbits when I was young and I think for children its a great way to teach them the responsibly of looking after a living creature and to learn kindness and compassion.

Our cat Doodie, see featured image above, gives us a lot of joy. Sitting on our lap in the evening while we watch television, he’s either purring or snoring at this point! Dashing around the garden chasing flying insects which he never can catch. Oh and a frog was hopping over to our wildlife pond one day, he nearly jumped out of his skin, (the cat I mean not the frog), it was so comical. I swear he was embarrassed when a mere frog gave him such a fright! I cant imagine not having a cat now, the house wouldn’t be the same without him.

I also think pets can pick up on your mood too. When we had a dog, Holly, if I was unhappy she would come over and rest her head on my lap looking up at me as if to say ‘hey are you ok, let me give you a cuddle.’ Or if I was crying she’d come over, lick my hands and if I was sitting down, try to get up next to me. Anything to be close. When I was happy or laughing she’d bounce all over the place wagging her tail and jumping around me playfully.

Animals can help people with mental and physical disabilities too, think of  rescue dogs, guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs and pet therapy organisations. PAWS is a wonderful organisation offering different types of pet therapy programmes. They will visit, hospitals, libraries and rehabilitation facilities to name but a few with their trained dogs.  You can find out further information by clicking on the above link. There are also other organisations around the world that do the same.

So the next time you see your pet, they might even be on your lap or in the same room with you now. Give them a big cuddle and be grateful for that little fur baby in your life.


Do you have a pet? What kind is she/he? Share some good experiences in the comments, Id love to hear them.





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12 thoughts on “Is Your Pet Good For You?

  1. I had cats growing up, but only recently got my own little ball of fluff called Pixie. I agree that cats are relaxing. Pixie can make me stop and destress just by purring or sitting on my lap. And to see her stretched out and sleeping – wow, it just makes me want to do it too. A great pet to have to bring you back to the moment 🙂

    1. Yes, watching my cat Doodie relax makes want to do it too. He can be a bad influence on me however when I need to get work done. I wouldn’t change him for the world though.

  2. I got Feegle to help me with having depression as I’d heard that pets can be great therapy. She certainly has been! She gives me companionship, a sense of responsibility particularly when the depression was severe and getting out of bed was tough, love and something to love right back (apart from the husband of course!). I cannot imagine life without her now!

    1. I know what you mean Lisa, just being able to cuddle up to my cat gives me a sense of wellbeing, especially when I feel unhappy. My dog did that for me too. Walking her in the fresh air always managed to clear my head when I felt bogged down with worry.

  3. I agree with you completely. There are many people who have been healed or at least helped through therapy with animals. Usually we hear mostly about dogs helping with different unseen illnesses but I have also read about horses playing a big part in helping children and adults. I am a dog lover, LOL. I know cats can be very soothing and helpful in lowering anxiety. Great post Deb!

    1. Thanks Sheri. Yes you are exactly right about horses. My friend uses her horses for children who have emotional or physical difficulties as a therapy to help them. They get a lot of enjoyment being with her horses. I think many pets, and animals in general are very theraputic for any person.

  4. Well I have no pets at the moment and miss having my cat around. He was named Tiger (belonged to my late Mum and ended up with us.) I have a very similar picture to you Debbie with Tiger sitting on a fence post but haven’t worked out how to get it off my email into my photos yet! But agree with you pets are very therapeutic.

    1. Thanks Ann I’m sorry to hear that you lost tiger, pets are great at giving unconditional love. I wouldn’t be without one. I hope you get another cat soon.

    1. Absolutely. My cat is a little monster sometimes but I still adore him.

  5. I had a dog when I was a little girl and she went everywhere with me. She had to be pulled off my bed. She was very protective and I loved her. She was killed by armed robbers. I was distraught. I never wanted another pet again. Trauma I guess. My children keep asking for a pet. I agree pets are great for us humans. Loved your post Debbie

    1. Wow Julie what a terrible thing to happen, I’m not surprised you are dubious about having another pet. It my be a good way for closure once and for all though. Pets are a form of therapy in themselves I think. Thanks for your feedback.

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