Peace, Birds and a Hot Cup of Coffee!

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Peace, Birds and a Hot Cup of Coffee!

This morning I am filled with a sense of peace. Sitting outside in the sunshine, with a cup of coffee warming my hands. I can hear the gentle hum of the traffic way off in the distance, and the drone of a plane flying overhead. The birds singing in the trees. I love this time of day its still a bit chilly as its only March here in England. So the sun hasn’t warmed up very much yet. But with my hands wrapped around my hot cup of coffee and my fleecy jacket on, I feel cosy.

This time of year is when a wider variety of birds start appearing too. Ive seen my first Yellow Hammer, a Jay and a Woodpecker, feeding on our nut feeder. Lots of Long-Tailed Tits, lovey tiny birds with a pink hue to their feathers that flit around in large groups.

Long-tailed Tit.










And not forgetting the Gold Finches squabbling over the nyger seed in large numbers, as they tend to stick together.

Gold Finch.

If there are any animals that I can happily sit and watch for ages, its birds. Singing in the trees, bathing in our wildlife pond, flying overhead so gracefully and effortlessly. Their different characters and colours living in harmony with each other and nature.

I’ve always felt at home amongst wildlife and nature spending hours basking in the sunshine watching the comings and goings around me. Its a tranquil time and one that leaves me feeling more positive and motivated.

Sometimes I will just close my eyes and allow myself to go into a state of mindfulness. Losing myself in the tranquillity. Focussing my mind on individual sounds so that it doesn’t wander, doesn’t start worrying about the day ahead and what will unfold.

I am a worrier, often expecting the worst, its such an unhealthy way to live. I’m starting to realise also that I’m not getting any younger and excuse the cliché, life is too short to spend it in a state of nervous negativity. So let me tell you what works for me, it might be something that you can introduce into your daily life too.

  • As I said earlier, spend time outside, appreciate nature.
  • Watch and listen to the sounds around you. Birds, bees, insects.
  • Breathe in the freshness of the air, feel it in the whole of your being and focus on that feeling.
  • Lie on the grass and feel the sensation of it on your skin.
  • Sit in the sunshine, there’s nothing better than feeling the warmth of it on your skin. It also has beneficial affects as it produces the feel good hormone melatonin, a great natural way to lift your mood.
  • Close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of the breeze blowing through your hair.
  • Stand in the rain turn your face up to the sky and feel the cool droplets on your skin.
  • Walk anywhere that is peaceful. In a woodland, though fields, over hills.
  • Sit by a river or stream and listen to the trickle and burbling of the water.
  • But most importantly of all let it be your time, away from life’s daily grind and forget about everything else.

I’m feeling good just writing this, so try and picture it in your minds eye while you’re reading it. Even if you cant get outside right this minute try and plan it into your day, you don’t have to do it all at once of course!  Pick a few suggestions that are realistic for you to be able to do on a regular basis. Then when you get more time, try adding a few more.


Let me know how you get on in the comments below, or send me a message, I’d love to know. Do you have a favourite from the above suggestions?




Sharing is caring!

12 thoughts on “Peace, Birds and a Hot Cup of Coffee!

  1. Great suggestions…so much traffic and noise where I am but reading this did calm me down and help me focus on the moment. Thank you!

    1. Im so glad it helped you Rachel. Being with nature is such a calming experience.

  2. I’m sure I felt more relaxed just reading this! We recently moved from an apartment near a very busy road to a quieter area, and it’s so nice to hear birds again. I can’t wait until it’s a little warmer for sitting outside. 🙂

    1. Glad it helped Kim. I love bird song so much. The early morning song of a blackbird is one of my favourites. Yes I can’t wait for it to get warmer too!

    1. They’re such a gorgeous mix of colours Elise and its great to watch their antics at the bird feeder.

  3. We get a lot of very colourful parrots here in Western Australia. They are so beautiful to see flitting about. I also love the kookaburras – honestly, their laughing just makes me feel so happy and peaceful. I miss the English birdies though. Thank you for the little window into your world. I was almost there x

    1. It must be great to see exotic birds in the wild Elise. All birds are lovely however, even the drab looking ones! I’m glad you enjoyed my window I do.

  4. You paint a lovely picture Debbie with words. Today has been the perfect day to do as you suggest.
    I love bird life which we get quite a lot of in our English country garden! The pheasants have bee tootling around under the bird feeders waiting to catch any seeds the small birds spill. Their table manners are terrible! Ive heard the wood pecker hammering in the woods but so far he’s not dropped in for lunch. The long tailed tits have been fluttering around the windows looking for spider eggs. Birds are absolutely fascinating and I agree very relaxing and especially when viewed in the sunshine.

    1. It sounds lovely where you are too Ann, you get a good variety of birds it seems. I love the way you describe their antics also, you should write yourself!

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