Fairys, Wizards, Dragons and dreams.

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Fairy’s, Wizards, Dragons and Dreams.

As my long suffering writing group AllWrite will know I am obsessed with all things fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to be in a world where you can make anything happen? Get away from reality for a while. Fly on dragons, cast spells that make your wishes come true, have a wand and wings and all those things. Sorry I couldn’t resist putting a little rhyme in there.

Sometimes when life gets too overwhelming, I want to go to a different land, live a different life and feel well….magical. I’ve dived into fantasy in a big way. I love writing fantastical stories like The Secret Of Lowland Forest. Which you’ll find in this blog. I’m also working on a Novella, ‘Drowsy Lady With A Double Heart’. Yes I know, you’re probably thinking what the f……..? Hey poetic licence and all that even though it’s not a poem!

Oh yes and my fantasy writing course, which kind of set me off, even though I was already very much into that writing genre. Its hard work but I’m very stubborn so I’ll do it I know, and get my hard earned qualification. You know when you want something so bad that you’ll work your ass of regardless if it keeps you awake all night, even in your waking hours you’re dreaming it? That’s me at the moment. Get my qualification, write my book make a living as a published author. I know its not as simple as that but you have to try.

I’m letting everybody into my secret now but maybe it’ll make me try even harder. I will want to succeed even more after telling everybody. I think its really important to have dreams and ambitions, whatever they may be. Its what drives me forward but also drags me out of negative feelings that will come creeping up on me when I least expect it.

You may be thinking this is going to turn into a woe is me post. You’ll be relieved to know that you are wrong. I’m going to make this a happy ever after story instead. Starring:

  • My handsom prince husband, who comes to rescue me on his brave charger, well he has a motorbike! Then serenades me on his guitar by playing the latest rock music hit.
  • My fairy godmother, who is in fact my mother, waving her magic wand to make me feel better and protected. Constantly supporting me and being there for me whenever I need her.
  • My dad who can be a bit of a grumpy dragon. But he never breathes fire, only wisdom on the breeze of his breath. Oh dear a bit corny! But he has always been proud of me, whatever mess I’ve got myself into in the past.
  • My middle Sister, who would never forgive me if I called her a fairy so lets just call her Wizard. She was a real tomboy when she was younger. But she can still clap her hands and cast a spell on me that makes me feel confident and special.
  • My younger sister the kind sorceress who has the unique ability to fix my evil computer when it’s trying to eat me, with just the healing touch of her hand. She’ll do this for me whenever I need help. Which is often as I’m definitely not a techno wiz!
  • My neice, who absolutely loves being a fairy, a princess or any other character who can wear sparkly costumes and dance around the room spreading her fairy dust. When she comes to visit with my sister she always has the ability to make me smile and laugh. The hugs and unconditional love she gives are very special.

Oh yes and me the Damsel in distress. Who isn’t so distressed these days as she has all of these amazing magical beings in her life. She knows they’ll always be there for her.

So when she awakens from all of this wonderful daydreaming, She’s going to get some work done and turn her dreams into reality.

The End.


Do you have a dream that you want to come true? Something special you are striving towards? Let me know in the comments.










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6 thoughts on “Fairys, Wizards, Dragons and dreams.

  1. Keep up with the fantasy writing Debbie, I really enjoyed reading that. Very good description of your fantasy family!!! You can achieve your dreams! X

  2. Aah, but isn’t dreaming just another word for intention setting? We’re meant to have fun with our daydreams I think because when we get into that feeling of having something, well that’s the space from which it’s much more likely to come true. I can’t wait to read your book, and my same dream is to finish my first full-length book this year. Good luck to us both!

    1. You are so right Kirstie, you have to have a dream first in order to realise it. You can read my book and I can read yours. Good luck indeed.

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