For The Love Of Lyrics.

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For The Love Of Lyrics.

Lyrics have been part of my life ever since I became a singer. It seemed natural that if I wanted to sing songs that meant something to me, I’d have to write the words myself. Don’t get me wrong I sang covers of other people’s material, who hasn’t? Its actually hard work to write a good song from the heart, I’ve never been able to just churn them out.

My first lyrics were all about trying to rhyme everything, short and a bit stilted, but after time I found my own flow and style. I have written for bands I’ve been in, an acoustic duo and for other singers as well.

Sad songs, happy songs, odd songs and love songs I’ve done them all.  See I’ve just rhymed that bit already! Let me give you an example of how some of my lyrics were born.

Sad Song – Rain

I was in my house, it was pouring with rain, I don’t know about you but I love the sound of rain. Being a bit bored, I started scribbling a few words on some paper. This developed into a song about a lonely person listening to the pattering of rain and waiting for a man to come and see her, they’d arranged a time, it became later and later but he never turned up. My husband, (Ruck who is a very good guitarist), put some beautiful music to it, I added a melody to the words and it became a very popular song. We often used to perform it acoustically because it didn’t need a lot of music behind it.

Happy Song – Home Train

This song had a blues type feel to it, as myself and Ruck enjoyed a bit of blues. However just to be ironic the lyrics weren’t exactly bluesy. I suppose it was more the style, but our audience got it which was the main thing. This song wasn’t inventively written, in fact it was Ruck who was tinkering on his guitar one night which gave me the idea. The sound of his playing was rhythmic with a lot of accents to it that gave me the image of a train rattling down a track. This then developed into a song about a girl riding home on a train after being away for a long time, excited to see her man again.

Odd Song – Push Bar

I used to do song writing workshops for young people and Ruck and I were teaching a young peoples’ class how to put a song together. I was on my break and noticed a fire escape door, you know the ones that say ‘Push bar to open’, and that was it, a song was born. All about pushing a bar, walking out of the door and leaving somebody, who was no good. It became an angry rock song and was very intense, you should have seen the dancing, not a pretty sight!

Love song –Get You.

You tend to get more sad love songs than happy, but ours was a positive and feel-good one. Anyway not only do we like blues, we also enjoy a bit of jazz influenced music on occasion. We both have a very eclectic taste in music, which is just as well really considering all the gigs we played together. These lyrics were born from me jotting down a few sentences and Ruck playing a few varied tunes. This one just jelled, sometimes it went like that. We went with it and it worked. The lyrics, melody and tune were born together. This was centered around a women who was determined to get her man and how she was going to do it. I’m sure he wasn’t complaining! With a slidey sultry sound to it and smooth jazz chords I absolutely loved singing this one.

So there you are, I’ve let you in on some of my secrets. I’m going to end this with some lyrics to a song we wrote a while ago, that isn’t on this list. Its has our copy write however so keep your hands off! The song lyrics are about somebody contemplating their life in a sad almost defeated manner but which results in a positive ending. My idea was inspired from a time when I had to use buses to get from A to B, not one of my favourite experiences I must say.

Bus Stop.

Verse 1

Waiting for the next bus to arrive

The weathers cold and wet outside

Standing in this bus shelter

My lifes a bit like the traffic passing by

Verse 2

Cant catch up its moving way too fast

Maybe I should let the next bus pass

Got to thinking what I’m doing here.

Its getting much too clear.

Guitar solo

Verse 3

Think instead I’m gonna walk a while

Look at things that maybe make me smile

Been feeling too insecure of late

All my thoughts are getting in the way.


Seems to me its gonna stop raining soon

The sun’s gonna come and break through all my gloom

Seems to me its gonna stop raining soon, yeah, yeah

Maybe I’ll be singing a brand new tune.

(“Then I put a few yeah yeah’s in again for good measure at the end”!)


Do you have a special song that has meaning for you? Please let me know in the comments.


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4 thoughts on “For The Love Of Lyrics.

  1. Amazing what inspires you Debbie. You obviously have a keen eye and ear for what is going on around you and using it in such a creative way. Keep up the good work and love your song.

    1. Thank you so much. I do love writing lyrics. Writing is very important to me as is music.

  2. I love singing as well and I have many favorites. But the song that always brings me to tears is the song entitled “Dance with my Father.” Since my father passed away, I felt that a hole was made in my heart that no one can ever fill. If only I could turn back time. If it is difficult for me, it is even more difficult to my mom. By the way the singer of that song is Luther Vandross.

    1. Anna, I’m sorry you are finding it so difficult. When you lose somebody that special and important in your life it’s awful. I appreciate your comments and hope you and your mum will be ok.

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